Java Program to Convert an Integer into Binary.

There are multiple way to Convert an Integer into Binary.

Using Modulo and for loop method :-

  • A binary number consists of only 0 and 1.
  • First we Create and assign binary array size data.
  • Take the number modulo by 2 and store the remainder into an array.
  • Now convert an integer to binary divide the number by 2 until it becomes 0.
  • Here we store the remainder into a binary array and pass this into for loop to iterate into reverse order.
  • Print the binary array data.

Using toBinaryString() method :-

  • Here use the Integer.toBinaryString() to convert integer to binary.
  • This method accepts an argument in Int data-type and returns the binary string data.

       Syntax :-         public static String toBinaryString(int num)

					public class ConvertDecimalToBinary {
	//Using Modulo and for loop method :-
    public void printBinaryData(int number){
    	System.out.println("Using Modulo and for loop method :-");
        int binary[] = new int[25];
        int index = 0;
        while(number > 0){
            binary[index++] = number%2;
            number = number/2;
        for(int i = index-1;i >= 0;i--){
    public static void main(String a[]){
    	ConvertDecimalToBinary cdtb = new ConvertDecimalToBinary();
        int value=57;
        // toBinaryString method
        System.out.println("from toBinaryString method value :- " + Integer.toBinaryString(value));

Output :-
Using Modulo and for loop method :-
from toBinaryString method value :- 111001