Difference between Web Server and Application Server

There are following difference between Web Server and Application Server. A Server is a central place where information and programs are stored and accessed by applications through the network.

Web Server :-

  • This is a computer program that accepts a request for a specific document and sends it to the client machine.
  • A Web server can handle only Http type protocol.
  • It is mostly use to design server static content like static html pages.
  • A Web Server contains a Web container only.
  • Web server consumes or use less resources.

              Example :-      Apache Tomcat.

Application Server :-

  • App server can handle Http type request and also support other protocol such as RMI/RPC.
  • This server is support at application level services such as Connection pooling, Transaction support etc.
  • It is mostly use serve as dynamic content like websites.
  • An Application Server contains a Web Container and EJB Container.
  • Application server is use more resources.

              Example :-   WebLogic, JBoss.