What are the different levels of ORM quality?

There are four levels defined for ORM quality:

  • Pure relational
  • Light object mapping
  • Medium object mapping
  • Full object mapping

Pure relational :-

In this all application, including the user interface, designed with the relational model and SQL based relational operations.

Light object mapping :-

  • There are all entities represented by classes and mapped by manually from relation tables.
  • We are using different design patterns to hide the code from business logic.
  • This mapping is usefull for applications with less number of entity and application with common metadata data models use.

Medium object mapping :-

  • This mapping is design around object model.at build time SQL code is generated.
  • Here object mapping is supported by persistence mechanism and query are using object-oriented expression language.
  • Medium object mapping is use to develop medium size applications with some complex transactions data.

Full object mapping :-

  • This type of mapping is support polymorphism, composition, persistence and inheritance type object modeling.
  • There transparent persistence mechanism is implements inside persistence layer.
  • Here fetching and caching strategies are implemented transparently to the application.