What is difference between sendRedirect() and RequestDispatcher forward() method?

There are following difference between sendRedirect() and RequestDispatcher forward() method.

RequestDispatcher forward() :-

  • The RequestDispatcher forward() method is work at a server-side.
  • The RequestDispatcherforward() method is used to show a different resource in place of the servlet that was originally called.
  • RequestDispatcher forward() is used to forward the same request to another resource.
  • RequestDispatcher  forward() is handled internally by the servlet container.
  • We will use forward() when accessing the resources in the same application because it’s  faster than sendRedirect().
  • In forward() browser is unaware of the actual processing resource and the URL in address bar remains same.
  • forward() can’t be used to invoke a servlet in another servlet context.

sendRedirect() :-

  • sendRedirect() method is works at client side.
  • In sendRedirect(), web application returns the response to client with status code 301 (redirect) with URL to send the request. the request sent is a completely new request.
  • sendRedirect is slower than RequestDispatcher because it is required extra request network call.
  • In sendRedirect() method URL in address bar change at the forwarded resource.
  • sednRedirect() is handled by web browser.
  • sendRedirect() can be used to invoke a servlet in another context.
  • For example, sendRedirect can transfer control from http://javatechnote.com to http://otherdomain.com but forward cannot do this type.

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